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A Multilingual Selection
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This is a selection of site netcasting netcasting in a few languages other than English, plus a few personal favorites in English.

Note: I don't update this page much anymore. I have deleted some of the more outdated material.

Click on one of the following languages to go the appropriate section of this page: Arabic, English, Esperanto, French, and Swahili. For tips on finding stations in other languages, click here. A date in parentheses denotes when a comment was made or when a link was last checked.


Radio Canada International (RCI) (September 2004)

Radio France Internationale (RFI) (September 2004)

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation): World Service (multilingual) (September 2004), domestic (English) (September 2004).

Deutsche Welle (September 2004).

Voice of America (VOA) (September 2004).


Radio Canada International (RCI) 
  • Read the RCI page. (June 2004)

Radio-Tunis offers prerecorded and live programming:
  • Read the Radio-Tunis page. (June 2004)

Radio Kuwait seems to offer four daily news programs on demand:
  • Read the Radio Kuwait page. (June 2004)

The Sultanate of Oman Radio and Sultanate of Oman Television offer long hours of live broadcast. I found the streaming audio reception particularly good, when i find them on the air, that is:
  • Read their common page. (June 2004)

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has live broadcasting over the net. (It's not 24-hour, and as i remember the channel is sometimes utilized for Farsi. So, if you tune in and get something other than Arabic, just try again another time.)

  • Read the BBC's Arabic page. (April 2006)


Over 500 stations netcast in English, including biggies like ABC and MSNBC, so these are just a few of my own personal favorites.

The World Service of the BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation) is now netcasting a substantial amount of its programming in English (and German). The BBC's Newshour has got to be one of the finest news programs ever, in any language.

  • Read the BBC World Service page. From here you can also access other audio and text content not listed here, including live programming. (June 2004)

National Public Radio (NPR) (June 2004) makes several of its programs available. To listen to the most current of any one of these, access the appropriate Web page.
If you're not acquianted with The Prairie Home Companion, ¡get acquainted! Humor and variety. You can listen to long portions of the show, but not all two-some hours in one go.
  • Read home page The Prairie Home Companion. (June 2004)

KCRW, a public station from Santa Monica, California, broadcasts its local (only) programming live, but not on demand. Programs include eclectic music and excellent analysis and discussion of local and state affairs. Check out the KCRW schedule or read their main home page. (June 2004)

And let's not forget Pacifica Radio (June 2004), for a leftward look at today's world. You can listen to their programs "Democracy Now" or "Pacifica Network News" by accessing the relevant Web page.


Links concerning Esperanto have all changed since the last revision of this page. Haven't had time to update. Sorry.


Radio Canada International netcasts various programs in French, all of which i highly recommend.


There are lots more stations webcasting Indian music now. I can highly recommend Sikhnet Audio Central, which lets you listen live, or select your own music, or randomize with the jukebox feature. Some of this music is more serious fare than Indian movie music:

  • Read the page. (April 2006)


The Deutsche Welle offers almost three full hours daily of programming in Swahili:
  • Read the Deutsche Welle Swahili page. (June 2004)

The BBC offers programming in Swahili programming in Swahili. (June 2004)

Voice of America (June 2004) offers a daily news program of ten minutes or so in Swahili. Two nice things about the VOA site is that it offers multiple audio formats and that you have the option of downloading the RealAudio file before you listen to it (so you could save it for later use).

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