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versio en Esperanto
Welcome to the home page of Bulbul, otherwise known as Leston Chandler Buell. Bulbul is a postgraduate fellow in the Bantu Syntax Project at Leiden University, in the Netherlands.. His interests include linguistics (especially syntax and phonology), Bantu languages (especially Swahili and Zulu), Arabic, Romance languages, Esperanto, computer programming, and musical performance and composition (currently dormant, but maybe he'll pick these up again). On this page, you find links to other pages of his.

Bulbul's Pages of General Interest

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Bulbul's Less Useful Stuff

  • Bulbul's private on-line address book. (Sorry, you can only view this if you're me and you're logged on to FizzyLogic.)
  • My personal multilingual selection of streaming audio links. This was very useful in around 1998, but i haven't had time to update this much since that time.
  • Bulbul's virtual kitchen has been under eternal construction since around 1998. My real kitchen isn't much bigger, but at least it has a lot more recipes!
  • The FizzyLogic home page. FizzyLogic.com is my personal domain.
  • My LMP-related page.
This page was last modified on April 13, 2006.