Apartment Photos Late September 2005 /
Fotoj de la Apartamento Fine de Septembro 2005
Oost Havenstraat, Leiden

Bulbul's photos / la fotoj de Bulbul
Here are some pictures of our flat on Oost Havenstraat as it looked a few days after i moved into it.

(Esperanto-lingva traduko sekvos baldaǔ.)
dining room from hall

View of the dining room as you walk into the flat, complete with flowers on the table.
dining room

The dining room.
living room

The living room. Not too cosy yet, but that rocking chair is comfy. The laptop is currently also my sound system. (It plays all four music albums i brought with me!)

The entrance. That's an umbrella rack, which i also use as a hat rack. I'd use the coat rack for that, but it has found more crucial uses in the bedroom.


The study. This room is not cosy at all yet. I am working in the dining room for the time being. This might also be the guest room.
bedroom from hallway

The bedroom as seen from the hallway.

The bedroom. Enough shelf space for me, until my box of sweaters arrived. No place to hang things, either, except on the hat coat rack.


The bed. That isn't an American-style bedspread, but a duvet, which is a sort of comforter case. You insert the comforter into it in the same way you put a pillow into a pillow case.


The bathroom. One centimeter wider, and those shelves would not have fit. Why, isn't that typically male of me to have kept the toilette seat up? I amaze myself sometimes!

The kitchen.

Freestanding storage and counter space for the kitchen.
drying rack

A drying rack, for that home-dried feeling you deserve after doing the hand laundering. No, i don't put this out into the dining room until the things have dried out a bit. First they drip in the shower.
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